Many believe that psychotherapy is about rehashing old hurts. There is nothing farther from the truth. The purpose of psychotherapy is to assist individuals in becoming more insightful and resilient. Counseling normalizes emotions and provides effective tools to manage them. As one becomes more self-knowledgeable, their perceptions of situations, self and others change. Giving new meaning to things allows us to turn the page on the past and empowers us to build a more positive present and future.

Psychotherapy is a transformative process which moves people from survivor to thriver so they can realize their maximum potential.


People of all walks of life have worked with Manon. She works from the premise that everyone has the potential to develop insight and self-awareness and transform their life. Her experience is that psychotherapy leaves the person stronger and more resilient.

When one chooses to ignore the impact of disruptive and hurtful events in their life, it often finds a way of surfacing at unexpected moments causing us to experience emotional and/or physical distress. Psychotherapy/counselling is a process by which one uncovers the source of their distress and heals it.

Individuals who are struggling with past or present life situations such as depression, anxiety, stress in the workplace, a health crisis, childhood abuse/ neglect, separation/divorce, domestic violence, conflict, grief, difficulties managing emotions (sadness, fear, anger, shame, resentment, etc) would benefit from consulting a psychotherapist.


If you’re feeling nervous because you don’t know what to expect, you’re like most people attending psychotherapy/counselling for the first time. Research suggests that a positive therapeutic relationship a client has with their psychotherapist contributes to the client’s satisfaction and progress. Therefore, it is important to ensure you feel comfortable in the presence of your psychotherapist. You should feel that your psychotherapist cares, actively listens, and demonstrates an understanding of your situation.

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