Changing Perspective

Spring is one of those seasons that can be cold and wet, leading to dampened spirits that can last all day.

From grey skies, pouring rain, and even the occasional snowfall, it can sometimes be hard to work up the courage to get out of bed in the morning. Finding the energy, especially on dark and dreary days, can be its own daily challenge.

Add commutes in bad conditions and long, dripping lines at the elevator, and suddenly, your energy has disappeared before you’ve even begun your day.

The question becomes: how can you keep the storm outside the window where it belongs and away from your stamina?

Like waiting out the storm, waiting for the perfect work circumstances can be draining. While it’s impossible to change the weather, you can control what you choose to focus on throughout the day.

Becoming a proactive and productive person can be as simple as a change of perspective.

See the smaller, inspiring details instead of looking at the big picture. Nature, like your environment, is full of energy that you can draw from. Watch the snow as it gracefully glides through the air past your window instead of focussing on the colourless backdrop.

Be sure to look for unlikely inspiration. Rain may not seem stimulating, but perhaps the flurry of drips across the window makes for a soothing soundtrack against the clicks of keyboard keys.

Create your space. The weather outside may be frightful, but your environment doesn’t have to be. Nothing is better than a cozy room on a cold day, so focus on the warmth and make your workspace as inviting as possible.

Surround yourself with things you love and memories of people you love, as it can turn an ugly day into a productive one. Having an escape from the storm can help shift your mood and keep your energy level up.

In the end, a simple change of focus can make all the difference in your performance. What you choose to pay attention to, weather-related or not, can affect how you approach your day and the quality of work you produce. Taking inspiration from the often unruly events around you can help keep you charged and ready to take on the day.